Shumicon is an event for people of all ages interested in cosplay, anime, manga and video games. Shumicon’s program will include lectures, workshops, meetups, panels, performances, an escape room and many other interesting activities. Shumicon prioritizes programs that don’t include age restricted material.

Shumicon’s biggest programs are:

Cosplay Competitions
Shumicon will be hosting several cosplay competitions on Saturday 21.10.2023! The competition consists of Freestyle and Hall Cosplay Competitions, for competing with costumes, and a Photoshoot Competition for competing with cosplay photos in 3 different series.

A brand new concept where anyone with the will can step on-stage and perform in front of a live audience! Performers can sing, dance, do acrobatics, play music, recite poems or do stand-up comedy about fandom – pretty much anything their heart desires for 10 minutes per performer or group.