What is Shumicon?

Shumicon is a convention open to people of all ages interested in cosplay. Shumicon also warmly welcomes all fans of anime, manga, video games, tabletop games and people generally interested in japanese pop culture.


Shumicon will be held in Kulttuurikeskus Stoa’s, Itäkeskus library’s and Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre Itäkeskus’ estate located in Turunlinnantie 1, 00900 Helsinki.

Opening hours

The event is open between 10-18 on both Saturday and Sunday.


Shumicon is a partially free, partially paid event. Some of the event’s programme requires an event ticket, while other areas are open for everyone.

Ikärajat ja suositukset

Tapahtuma on ikärajaton. Vaikka tapahtumaan itseensä ei ole ikärajoja, kaikki tapahtumassamme pidettävät ohjelmanumerot tai myyjien myyvät tuotteet eivät välttämättä sovi perheen pienimmille. Joissain yksittäisissä ohjelmanumeroissa voi olla ikärajoja tai -suosituksia, joista ilmoitetaan ohjelman kuvauksessa erikseen. Osassa ohjelmistamme on myös kirkkaita, välkkyviä valoja sekä kovia ääniä, josta ilmoitetaan erikseen.

What does Shumicon mean?

The event’s name Shumicon comes from two words; the japanese word shumi, for hobby, and the english word con, for convention.

Shumicon’s programme and activities lean heavily towards cosplay, but we are aiming to offer something to see and do for everyone.

Who organizes Shumicon?

Shumicon is a non-profit event organized by volunteers. The official organization behind Shumicon is the registered association Pääkaupunkiseudun Cosplay Ry, which has been active in Helsinki for nearly 10 years.

The assocation organizes all sorts of events and gatherings where anyone is welcome to join regardless of age or city of residence.

Shumicon does not condone any sort of discrimination or bullying within its’ premises. Shumicon welcomes everyone, regardless of sex, gender, age, ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation or any other reason.

What is a con?

Conventions, typically referred to as simply cons, are hobbyist events where hobbyists and like-minded people will gather.

What is cosplay?

Cosplay, a portmanteau of “costume play”, is the act of dressing up as fictional characters. The hobby itself has been known to exist since at least 1939, but the term cosplay was coined only as late as 1984.

In Finland, cosplay is seen more of as a crafts hobby than simply dressing up, and many cosplayers build their costumes from start to finish themselves.